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26.06.2018 13:51

Leaning minarette of Harput

Ulu Cami at Harput takes place at Cami-i Kebir province and covers 2000 m2 area with 30mtx50mt dimensions and 2,5 mt Wall thickness was constructed between 1156-1157 by Harput ruler Fahrettin Karaaslan. Harput Ulu Cami minarette constructed almost 1000 years ago during the Selcuklu era at Elazığ proved an interesting fact : in light of some recent scientific studies it is observed that the leaning of the Harput Ulu Cami minarette is more than the leaning of Piza tower in Italy.

Harput Ulu Cami which is one of the first examples of great ( ulu ) mosques in Anatolia built by Selcuk rulers at Persian provinces was restored at 1899,1905 and1996. The mosques which is still used for religious services is composed of 3 parts as inner courtyard,narthex and inner mosque.It has a rectangular lay out with stone walls and brick dome arches and the minarette.It has two doors.

Non glazed bricks were used for construction and for decoration purposes.Although there are some cracks on the minarette due to the flexibility there is no static balance problem.

During the latest boring studies too many building's foundations were discovered around Harput Ulu Mosque.The new restoration Project which recently started aims to transfer the building as it is to future generations without interreptuing the existing leaning of the minarette.

Leaning Minarette which has the highest importance for Turkish Foundation sector expects the deserved care from Turkish Foundation Engineers.

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