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16.10.2018 11:14

Royal IHC held the dealers meeting at Rio de Janeiro between 4-5 October 2018

Shipbuiding industry in Holland dates back to 17. Century. Dutch people who are born sailors were pioneers in the geographic explorations.

As very well known due to the phisical conditions of their country they were always very closed with water and sea and they imporoved their capacity to fight against water. All technoligies related with dreding and reclamation were invented by Dutch.

Royal IHC is the leading company of Holland which is specialised in dreding and deep sea applications. Some of the examples of dreding jobs done by IHC dredgers are : Dubai islands,Egypt Suez Canal and Turkey / Istanbul Golden Horn cleaning.

Royal IHC made significant investments on energy sector. Especially for off shore wind mill jobs they have a huge product range of ships with special designs and special lifting cranes.

Royal IHC held the annual dealer meeting at Rio de Janerion between 4-5 October this year.Dealers who came to Rio from all around the World were informed about new develeopments via seminars,on the job trainings and new product launches. ERKE group who is the Turkish dealer of IHC for 30 years was represented at this meeting with the highest level representation.

Royal IHC CEO Mr Dave van der Heyde mentioned at his opening and closing speeches that as IHC they are supporting lots of very big projects all around the World especcailly in energy sector.He also mentioned that they would like to take place in Turkish off shore windmill projects which will start soon.

Royal IHC is ready to share all their experience and know how in energy sector and dredging in all projects.

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