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Erke Amfibix Excavator

Dredging and bottom cleaning is one of the areas we as ERKE Group are experts for years.

We have done extensive studies of sea , rivers and lakes in different regions of Turkey.

These works, sometimes were for dreding and sometimes for commercial sand removal.The reality is that in 28 years of work we won great experience in this field.

2 years ago we made intensive and long studies and efforts to take place in Izmir Municipalitiy ?s inner city river cleaning projects. However the test made by our classical dreding equipmets did not give any results.Becuase the rivers were full of every kind of waste material that you can think of and classical dreding equipment which were designed for homogenous material did not help.

Our tests carried out by dreding pumps were not successfull due to textiles and plastic materail that were blocking the impeller of the pump. For cutter suction dredger tests we faced almost the same problem.Pieces af metal scraps, plastic material and extra dense material blocked the pumping system of the dredger.

In order to clean this very dense and very dirty rivers we found another solution. We studied on AMFIBIX ( amphibious excavators ) that were invented by Scandanavian countries, which are actully transformation of standart excavators into floating excavators.And we were very succesfull.

Our first AMFIBIX amphibious excavator was delivered in December 2013. The AMPIBIX was assembled on a CAT excavator. Standart boom of CAT was replaced by a long boom. Thus the reach and discharge distance of the boom was imporved.

The first AMPIBIX is in Izmir for 2 years and working at rivers, lakes and sea non stop. In Light of this success story the second tender for purchasing a new AMPFIBIX i was announced. Izmir municipality demanded the second AMPIBIX to be mounted on Hitachi excavator. Thus in Light of the contract we signed with ENKA it is decided that the assembly will be done on a 20 ton Hitachi excavator.

Following all the preperations we brought the AMPIBIX to ENKA Izmir facilities. We as ERKE technical team together with ENKA technical team took out the crawlers and counterweight of the standart excavator and assambled the AMPIBIX in 3 days. Following all the technical tests the machine was brought to Bayraklı test area and delivered to Izmir Municipality in working condition. The machine created very positive image with its performance on the managers and technical staff of Izmir municipality.

Presenting a World brand to Turkey was our dream.Now the name AMPIBIX will be a steady name in the World market.

Amphibious excavator AMPIBIX will be your real partner in cleaning and dredging dirty and hard soiled rivers ,lakes and sea in Turkey. Choose your excavator model and we will convert it into AMPIBIX.

We are waiting for your support to make AMPIBIX into a World brand.

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